AVO Events & Promotion is ready for 2018

2018 started a short while ago and I hope that everyone had a good start of the new year. 2018 is an important year, as it is AVO’s 15th anniversary.

In the years that I have been working on AVO, I have come across many wonderful experiences and possibilities to grow. Also this year we are ready to evolve more and start new concerts and events in 2018. At the moment there are a few events in the pipeline and I hope to announce them soon.

I want to thank everybody who trusted me all these years even when I just started with organizing concerts and while the scene was becoming smaller, yet you are the ones that kept me going. I am talking about you, the people who always visits the concerts, all those amazing artists we work with, the people who we worked with and other collaborations. All that has been good for me and I hope that will continue in 2018.

Also, those who did not stay with me all this way, I want to thank them. It made me learn a lot of things and made me know what the right way is to make this project work.

These experiences made me evolve along with AVO, and I am more focused and ready for 2018.

Thank you for your support!

Francisca Hagen

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