PLASTICZOOMS back to the Netherlands: show at P60

PLASTICZOOMS will be back in Europe for a tour with AVO Events’ partner HIGHFeeL. The band will perform in the Netherlands again, this time at the venue P60 in Amstelveen, near Amsterdam. PLASTICZOOMS will promote their new album PLASTICZOOMS during the tour.

The show in the Netherlands will take place on Thursday March 9.

Doors will open at 19.30
The show will start at 20.00

Presale € 12,00
At the door € 15,00
You can get your regular tickets at P60.

There is also a VIP upgrade (which consists of a Meet & Greet and a photo with the band) for € 13,00. This can only be bought at the HIGHFeeL shop and is only valid if you already bought your regular ticket.

Social media hashtag for this tour: #PLASTICZOOMS2017

Official poster of the show:

Combining elements of 70’s punk, 80’s post-punk, new wave, and gothic genres all into the core of a new sense of sound, they seek to establish themselves in ways beyond precedent in their native Tokyo scene. They are PLASTICZOOMS.

Frontman Sho Asakawa, in keeping with the spirit of DIY, personally directs and produces their music, artwork, merchandise, and all other creative endeavors. Active since 2007, PLASTICZOOMS could gather a loyal fanbase in their counry and outside. In 2015, they started their international activities.

To celebrate the release of the album, PLASTICZOOMS revealed the PV of HIGHWAY, directed by HIGHFeeL’s partner in Japan Rie Kuboyama, and featuring a collaboration with the brand MICHIKO LONDON and the composer HIDEKI MATSUTAKE.

“As a celebration of their 30 years in fashion industry, we’re in this video doing a special collaboration with the brand MICHIKO LONDON KOSHINO and the analog synthesizer master Hideki Matsutake.

MICHIKO LONDON KOSHINO entered the fashion stage in the 80’s, and has since kept on being a natural representative of Japanese street fashion. The bomber jacket style from this video has become a popular clubwear in London, and truly shows that fashion and music often goes hand in hand.

And we’re also proud of being able to work with 80’s techno/new wave pioneer Hideki Matsutake, the YMO synthesizer programmer who’s known as one of the few people mastering the MOOG IIIc (also known as Tansu), putting him amongst the best of the best in the music industry. PLASTICZOOMS aims to combine sound and fashion, taking inspiration from older genres and the newest trends. It’s really an honor to work together with established people in both scenes!”

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