lloy’s first performance of 2015

New year means new chances! In this year the band will be moving towards an album release and a 10th anniversary. It was silent for a long time, but lloy will be having a live performance on January 23rd at Shinjuku LOFT. The cold wave/goth/electro band will perform with artists and bands as Közi (ZIZ), HUMAN TAIL, aie (the god and death stars), the butterfly nine cord, The Cavemans, FOXPILL CULT, BARBARS, YUGAMIHAKASE, RYU (HËYT), shiratama (bulb) and Coyote milk store.

There will be two stages.

Tickets in presale will be 2800 yen and at the door 3300 yen (with one drink). Doors will open at 6 PM and the show will start at 6.30 PM! More information can be found here.

lloy is what they call a cold wave/goth/electro band that started in 2005. They are based in Tokyo (Berlin). The main bandmembers are YUKO-KAT (vocal), YUKIMBTR (guitar/synth), Shigeo Kato (drums) and Olly Hewitt (Berlin member for the beatz/noise).

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