First band announcement for AVO J-Music Festival: Esprit D’Air

After announcing the long-awaited announcement of a new music festival organized by AVO, the first band for this festival has been announced: Esprit D’Air. The rock band will perform at AVO J-Music Festival as part of their Constellation Tour. It will be the first time for Esprit D’Air to perform in The Netherlands.

Esprit D’Air started in 2010 and was active till 2013, reformed in 2016 and has been busy ever since. They won this year’s best metal/hardcore album winners for the album Constellations at The Independent Music Awards in New York, judged by an esteemed industry panel including Amy Lee (Evanescence), Slayer, and Sepultura.

Led by vocalist, guitarist, and composer Kai, Esprit D’Air is not seeking a major record label but instead, follow a strong DIY ethos and produce everything themselves to be as self-sufficient as possible. Consequently, they record, mix and master their own releases in their own home recording studio and produce the artwork themselves. Esprit D’Air is also going to release their new single, Calling You on May 11th worldwide on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play.

Tickets for AVO J-Music Festival can be bought on the website of Zuiderparktheater:


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