Foto: Miyako Studio

AVO Events & Promotion is a one woman project by Francisca Hagen that was officially started with this name at the end of 2014. The real start was in August of 2012, where the first band asked me to organize a show in Amsterdam. I failed, but later that year I organized my first concert in The Hague.

AVO Events & Promotion offers different services in the Netherlands and is in connection with different venues and Japan related events to make concerts possible. Also is it possible to give advices to set up successful events. I work together with different partners, but also work directly with artists.

Foto: Miyako Studio

Foto: Miyako Studio

AVO Events & Promotion can be accessed via three URL’s:

AVO Events & Promotion is in connection with the Japan related websites AVO Forum and AVO Blog.

I do this with pleasure and I don’t earn money with it, but who knows what the future brings. It has to start somewhere and the start has made! I already have an interesting history as concert promoter and that can be found on this Facebook page. I do not organize tours, till now I only helped with concerts in the Netherlands on behalf of tour organizations as Râmen Events, HIGHFee, REALive and Too Wild, these dates were part of an European tour.

Francisca Hagen

(Photo by Miyako Studio)