Second band announcement for AVO J-Music Festival: REMNANT

The second Japanese act that will perform at AVO J-Music Festival has already performed in The Hague and is excited to come back to perform on the big stage of Zuiderparktheater: REMNANT. All the way from Tokyo the goth unit wants to share their strange views of the world by making music with elements of horror, melancholy and dark fantasy.

Since the inception of the band, in June 2009, REMNANT has been mostly active underground. REMNANT hosts events in Japan, such as Carmilla’s Garden, where other goth acts from over the world can perform. REMNANT consists of Marie (vocalist), Takmi (Guitar, Programming) and Rober (Noise, Synth).

REMNANT has been in Europe for a couple of times to perform, the last time the unit was in Europe was in 2016. Last year, REMNANT released their second album Ewigkeit. To have a taste of what REMNANT can bring, you can listen to the different songs that have been uploaded by the goth unit.

We hope you want to welcome REMNANT back in The Netherlands and especially in The Hague! Their performance at AVO J-Music Festival is part of their upcoming European tour, titled Darkness Coming 2018, with performance in Russia and the Czech Republic. The last time REMNANT performed in The Netherlands, was during their first European tour in 2015, where they performed at the intimate 330 LIVE in The Hague.

Tickets for AVO J-Music Festival can be bought on the website of Zuiderparktheater:


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