Satsuki at OshareCon 2016

Satsuki will be back on European tour – with tour organization Too Wild – to promote his new release, and he will start in the Netherlands at the Dutch J-Fashion event OshareCon on March 19!


Als on March 19 Satsuki will release [APOCALYPSE], it is divided in 2 pieces: [ECLIPSE] & [APOCALYPSE]. With [APOCALYPSE], Satsuki will show us a new side of his personality, new approaches on his way of using his technical vocal skills. He worked for the first time with European producers (ENOS IS BACK) in order to give a new vibe to his songs and that particular progressive metal touch. This opus can be considered as a new era for Satsuki, the future. If you unite the two pieces, it will display the full cd cover by a painting of Satsuki.

Next to this Satsuki will launch his brand called Sacred Traditional Kingdom Melody – S.T.K.M. The first press of t-shirts (boys & girls types, limited quantity – S to XL sizes) will be available at the shows. The first chance to get these in your hands is at OshareCon!

Satsuki’s paintings will also be available at live venues. All paintings can be purchased directly at the booth, please ask Too Wild staff for further information.

And I am proud to say that AVO together with the tour organization Too Wild, are partners of OshareCon!

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